Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Saddle Sore!

Warning - Maybe TMI but most (tri)athletes are usually okay with this!

So it has been less than a week since the session has ended and I hopped on my chopper for a 25+ mile group ride out of Newington Bike. I alligned myself with the B group and shot off like a cannon out of the gates. By the first five miles my bum, or more accurately my "lady parts" were killing me. This seat that Lee so generously lent me is just not correct for me and this is the most time I've spent on it, on the road. For some reason my time on the trainer did not bother me.

This ride, "Toll Gate plus Norton" took us out of Newington, through Berlin, Kensington and probably some other towns that I was not aware of. The route was very similar to the Wednesday night Cycling Concepts ride. This group split up alot and only regrouped once, too early. By the end, riders were straggling in and it was not a group at all. I was definately sucking some wind on some hills, though, and am glad I'm not tackling the Barkhamsted hill loop with Julia this Sunday. I need to resolve this saddle issue and get some more road time in first.

I did get to the shop early before the group ride to test out the ISM Adamo seat that all my girlfriends have been raving about. I only rode it for about 10 minutes but (no pun intended) I didn't love it. After the ride I befriended a girl (a HEATster) and I hopped on her ride to test her saddle and I loved it! It was just a regular looking seat with no cutouts and a flared back section for the sit-bones. Her name was Caryn and she and I are both doing the Mass State Oly Tri in July. She seemed super nice so I'll have to look her up. That's always the fun thing about group rides-meeting new people.