Thursday, February 25, 2010

Remember Me?

I have been out due to a two-week migraine. I am not exaggerating and I am not a hypochrondriac. I have barely been able to function at my job let alone training. This disease is invisible to the naked eye...

I did manage to get out during this time for a 5 mile run and a random bike ride on one of those bright, chilly weekend days. Slowly getting accustomed to the aerobars on the road and look forward to actual road time once nicer weather comes around.

Must get neoprene booties!

Anyways, I have been under the care of my neurologist and have a new medication which has gotten me out from under the hole I've been in.

Back in full swing!! ONLY SIX MONTHS TO GO

Hyannis 10k is this weekend and the forecast is calling for a cold rain - awesome. I prefer snow but hey, what doesn't kill you makes you a tougher half Ironwoman.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Still Need to Shovel

and I updated my blog from this morning

just sayin - when you just edit a post on here I don't think it comes up to the top of the queue on the "dashboard"

Have a great night faithful readers and CrossFitters, alike!

Updated WODs Feb 16th

Feb 16th

20 min run distance: 1.87 miles, dreadmill

10! (Descending reps starting with 10 - 10, 9, 8, 7, etc.) of box jumps, burpees, & situps - plan doesn't say for time so I'll just concentrate on form and keep a good tempo. I didn't time it (Max I didn't see your email until I got home just now) but I couldn't have given it any more effot; nearly puked.

One trainer at the gym asked me if I was okay. I muttered "never better" with a smile and another trainer told me "great job today". It's always the burpees that gets people's attention.

Showered and then suited up for WOD 3 of the day. Yeah, that's right.

I have one of those endless days at work tomorrow so I just plan on doing my 250 lunges before work and wanted to get my 500 swim out of the way. Didn't have my stop watch on me and so again, off I went untimed. Busted out the 20 laps and hit the hot tub for a well-earned soak and steam. The lady I had to share a lane with today had QUITE the 'tude (and her stroke was painful for the eye to see; I used to hate that about lifeguarding - watching ugly swim strokes)

Sitting pretty on the couch now, waiting for the snow to taper, so I can hit WOD #4, shoveling. Yes, I'll be really careful shoveling :)

'nite all

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Nice Run Today

Headed out for a nice 5 miler today and finished in about 52 minutes - not too shabby! It was SO nice to get out there...inhaled way too much exhaust though. Must find routes less traveled.

Feeling good with Hyannis 10k coming up in two weeks!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Side Effects May Include Weight Gain

So I've gained 30lbs in the past year and I've also started a new medicine within this same period (Lexapro 10mg). My neurologist prescribed this to me to help with the stress-related migraines that creep up upon me during the really intense days here at the State Capitol where I am a budget analyst. If you haven't heard, state finances are not really in good shape lately. Days during the legislative session can be up to 15-17 hours, and I have 187 bosses (the legislators), plus the internal ones.

Anyways, I take two prescriptions everyday as migraine preventatives. One is a seizure drug, Topomax, which is a really strong drug and can cause hair loss, forgotten words (they call it "Dopo-Max" because you can lose yourself mid-sentence) and side-effects "may include headache"!? Are you kidding me? I am taking this for MIGRAINE. This drug hasn't caused me to lose any of my hair, and has helped the migraines dramatically, so I deal with the tingly hands & feet and the way it makes carbonated beverages (seltzer water & beer) taste rancid. Luckily I don't get too dopey from it and can remember most of my words :)

This Lexapro, has got to GO, however. I will not put up with THIRTY POUNDS of gained weight from this poison and at this point would rather deal with extra migraines. I train like a MAD MAX and am eating in the Zone and haven't lost a SINGLE pound. How SUPER frustrating and even embarassing! People that know me at the gym and know that I'm training for this half-Ironman must think I'm a sloth. I really don't care about what people think, it's affecting my performance and my motivation.

I care about all this extra weight that I have to drag around in the pool, pedal up hills, and jiggle behind me as a trudge along in my extra-supportive running shoes. I know it took a whole year for this weight to creep on, and it won't come off as soon as I wean myself off this drug (yes, I'll notify my neurologist) but it's really got me way down in the dumps. The legislative session means dressing up for work again and all of my fancy work clothes and suits don't fit!

Great idea to start this blog, Coach. I've gotten this off my chest, and won't let it stop me anymore. I haven't trained in two days because I've been so down about this. Time to get back on the horse and get over it. Thanks for reading.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Row & Kettlebells

Row 500m, 50 kettlebell swings (20# KB), Row 500m, 40 kettlebell swings, Row 500m, 30kettlebell swings, Row 500m, 20 kettlebell swings, Row 500m

I was afraid someone was going to walk into the deadly path of my swings!

Love this workout. Doing the 800m swim tonight. My hips were pretty sore after this (the bursitis feeling, not the pirformis feeling) and I treated myself to a nice, hot Epsom salt bath which helped tremendously.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Made Hotel Reservation for Half-Ironman!

(I don't know why the "insert link" feature on this blog template doesn't work)

It's becoming more and more real. It'll be nice to check out on Monday and not have to worry about checking out the morning of the race.

Now we can enjoy some of the festivities after the race. I'm especially looking forward to the New England Lobster Bake!

Run 5k

Got up before work this morning since today begins my long hours

Was super stiff this morning and my hips were achey from three days straight of thrusters and squats. I should have also ran outside because my old deamons of treadmill running (mental games) didn't help either. I barely eaked out the 3.1 miles at a lousy 35 minutes. I was running 28 min 5k's last summer and I'm way stronger now so I know I can do better.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Row & Dumbell Thrusters Feb 1st

Happy February!

Row 500m, 10# dumbbell thrusters (21 reps) x 3

Wore bike gloves but my hands still are ripping apart! Washing my hair should be fun

Tomorrow morning starts the gym before work because the legislative session is starting at the state capitol in Hartford and that means 13 weeks of grueling work hours for me. Looking forward to the 5k in the morning since it doesn't involve any squatting! Phew...