Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Six Singles Deadlifts


Monday, March 8, 2010

20k Bike TT

20k Bike TT
Result: 46:15
Average MPH 15.8

Set the trainer up in the porch with the windows and door open. Don't like my seat, must find a more comfy one!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

AMRAP & Bike

20 box jumps, 5 push presses, 10 burpees AMRAP 15 mins

Did 5+ rounds in 15 minutes, including running out of the weight area into a burpee-suitable area. Once again, almost smashing into equipment and people enroute. They love me at my gym!

Going to hit the bike now for 4 rounds of 5k, decreasing speed/increasing effort. Have a 30mi ride planned through a meetup.com group out through Bloomfield, Tarrifville, Windsor, etc. Super excited to get out there - supposed to be in the 50's!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

45 Min Run

45 Min Run, Result = 3.81 Miles

Two days after the 10k race, and yesterday's run/kettlebell combo I am pretty sore and told Max I wanted to switch out today's planned 45 min run for a 700m swim planned for later in the week. After Coach made some very poignant statements, and I did a little soul-searching, I hit the treadmill.

Again, I'm overdressed. Had tights on, because I wanted to run outside, but couldn't find my sports watch. REALLY need to get that Garmin I have my eye on! I plugged into the NYSC boobtube and off I go!

It wasn't pretty but I got'er done! thanks to some classic rock and a Bruins game. (Still hate the Bruins, GO WHALERS!)

My right pirformis is baaaaack, and I should ice it tonight. I so love icing my butt :)

Anyways, I'm pleased with my performance and glad Max had me rethink my almost swaping out WODs. Thanks, Max!! I believe in myself a little more after today

Run, KettleBell, PullUps

Run .25mi, 21 KB swings, 12 pullups
Three times, for time

Result: 18:29
(time includes running between stations)

The first round was good, second round tough, and third round killer - had to switch to a lighter KB to maintain form. Again, looked like a nut running from my treadmill/KB station all the way around the gym to the gravitron machine and back.

Had that pukey feeling again at the end and was beet purple at the end. Hobbled out of the gym and could barely make it down the stairs to the lobby. Proudly wore my Hyannis shirt out to the car....

Monday, March 1, 2010

Race Report-Hyannis 10k

Race Report - Hyannis 10k (6.2 miles)
Result: 1hour, 10 mins

Got to the race site early to get a parking spot and was very grateful to have an indoor place to wait around. The race expo had tons of merchandise, indoor ladies rooms, coffee, Cabot cheese samples, 30th anniversary Hyannis Marathon posters, and the race t-shirts are really nice long-sleeves. I mean it is all about the shirts, right?

The starting line was chaos. We lined up by pace, so I made my way back to the 10 minute sign and eagerly awaited the starting gun. It was pretty chilly, but NO RAIN. Breakfast was an english muffin with peanut butter, water, and black coffee. Oh, and a double-espresso.

Despite my initial fears of a wind-driven, soaking rain, it ended up being what I consider ideal conditions! The weather held off, but it was still rather chilly waiting around outside for the race to start. I had on tights, an Under Armour compression turtleneck, my Brooks nightlife floursecent yellow running jacket (thanks, Santa!), a wicking Asics hat, and some gloves.

The starting siren went off and it took me two minutes plus to cross the starting line. Hynannis streets are very narrow and it was somewhat difficult to navigate the pack of 5,200+ for the first mile or so. By the first mile, the hat and gloves came off and I wonder how much measurable time I lost fiddling with my outfit.

I also ran with my iPod which I did not do at the Ironhorse 10k, my only other 10k that I did in 2009. When I was part of the FleetFeet running group, they always discouraged running with music so you could “listen to your body”. I can do either, but for some reason felt it was kind of a security blanket thing for me, a friendly companion. Did I loose time fiddling with this, too (eventhough I only got it out of my pocket once to change a song or turn down the volume)?

Anyways, I saw the first mile marker, which was a tiny orange cone and then didn’t see another mile marker the whole time! I was definitely looking for them, too. One of the volunteers was calling them out at mile 4 and I was pleasantly surprised at my progress at that point. Mile 5 started a gradual uphill but I cranked my arms and tried to do my best to finish strong. The very last part, turning into the hotel -the last .1 or so through the finish chute, was pretty challenging up an incline, but I heard the announcer call out my name and hometown and I was done!

I scared a few young girls as I had a few dry heaves as I walked it off (not sure what that was all about – the near puking) but I got my meadal, my bottled water and hit the car for the hotel. I couldn’t get those cold, wet clothes off fast enough and was shivering pretty badly. It was also a rough ride home and I should have stretched more before the long ride home. A hot bath later and I’m good to go.

My 1:10 result is 6 minutes slower than last year’s Ironhorse 10k but 6 minutes isn’t that far off. Back to the gym tonight! Thanks for reading