Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Updated WODs Feb 16th

Feb 16th

20 min run distance: 1.87 miles, dreadmill

10! (Descending reps starting with 10 - 10, 9, 8, 7, etc.) of box jumps, burpees, & situps - plan doesn't say for time so I'll just concentrate on form and keep a good tempo. I didn't time it (Max I didn't see your email until I got home just now) but I couldn't have given it any more effot; nearly puked.

One trainer at the gym asked me if I was okay. I muttered "never better" with a smile and another trainer told me "great job today". It's always the burpees that gets people's attention.

Showered and then suited up for WOD 3 of the day. Yeah, that's right.

I have one of those endless days at work tomorrow so I just plan on doing my 250 lunges before work and wanted to get my 500 swim out of the way. Didn't have my stop watch on me and so again, off I went untimed. Busted out the 20 laps and hit the hot tub for a well-earned soak and steam. The lady I had to share a lane with today had QUITE the 'tude (and her stroke was painful for the eye to see; I used to hate that about lifeguarding - watching ugly swim strokes)

Sitting pretty on the couch now, waiting for the snow to taper, so I can hit WOD #4, shoveling. Yes, I'll be really careful shoveling :)

'nite all


  1. Same as me today - not sure weather will cooperate for an outside run, so I may switch up today and tomorrow's WOD.

  2. ha! I can only imagine the looks you must get when doing burpees at the gym!! rock on marcy