Tuesday, March 2, 2010

45 Min Run

45 Min Run, Result = 3.81 Miles

Two days after the 10k race, and yesterday's run/kettlebell combo I am pretty sore and told Max I wanted to switch out today's planned 45 min run for a 700m swim planned for later in the week. After Coach made some very poignant statements, and I did a little soul-searching, I hit the treadmill.

Again, I'm overdressed. Had tights on, because I wanted to run outside, but couldn't find my sports watch. REALLY need to get that Garmin I have my eye on! I plugged into the NYSC boobtube and off I go!

It wasn't pretty but I got'er done! thanks to some classic rock and a Bruins game. (Still hate the Bruins, GO WHALERS!)

My right pirformis is baaaaack, and I should ice it tonight. I so love icing my butt :)

Anyways, I'm pleased with my performance and glad Max had me rethink my almost swaping out WODs. Thanks, Max!! I believe in myself a little more after today


  1. Great work Marcy well done - there is always a method in the madness that is Max's programming :)

  2. great work marcy!! I'm so proud of you.