Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Am I Crazy? Am I Good Enough for a Coach?

Am I nuts for only having completed sprint distance triathlons before (not even any Olympic distance tris) before signing up for a half-Ironman? To add to this craziness, I work for the legislature, and when we're in session (this year February until early May) I may be working 15 hour days! When will I fit in the training? A lot of days call for a morning workout AND an evening training session!! Oh well, I signed up for this - I WANT to do this, so I guess it'll all fall into place.

Am I even good enough to warrant a real coach? This guy, Max, is a top-notch professional who coaches WINNERS in full distance Ironman events.

Who am I to be in the same email distribution lists as these powerhouses? I am *so* not worthy! Thanks, Max, for taking on the underlings such as myself and giving us the power to believe. Anything is possible! Even making the cutoff time at Timberman and possibly not being THE very last person to cross the finish line come 8*22*10.

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