Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Is My Bike Computer Right?!?!

Last night on the bike trainer, I actually got off and checked all the wires on my new Cateye computer to make sure there weren't any glaring malfunctions. Is everything hooked up correctly? Am I reading the correct output unit for distance covered (although I need my headlamp on to read the damned TINY display)? Did I really only just travel the equivalent of seven miles in my dark, dingy basement? Time seems to pass so slowly down there! I do have my iPod on; maybe it's because my eyes have nothing to focus on. I must conjure up some mental fortitude and grow a pair and stick out my prescribed time/mileage if I am ever going to finish this race in the allotted time. I can't just get off the bike and quit because I'm bored. Like Max said, I should be writhing in pain, not just cruising along for a Sunday ride in the country. Must....pick....up.....the......pace!!

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  1. If this helps, the trainer SUCKS! Got on mine last saturday to do a 20K and omg - how pathetic, 12.4 miles kicked my butt - stick with it - set it up in front of the TV, that helps alot.