Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Stuck Indoors

January is upon us in Connecticut and that means short hours of daylight, icy streets, and very cold temperatures. I don't know why that seems to be a problem, however, because I complain when it's too hot also.

Today's WOD calls for a 5k run. Since I have errands to run after work with a friend, it'll have to be the dreadmill tonight at the gym. I emailed Max today that I've been struggling mentally with all of this indoor training and he reminded me that I should be exerting myself so much that I shouldn't have the time or energy to get bored. My quads are still sore from a gazillion box jumps the other day that this run will be interesting. The incline on the treadmill always seems harder than the natural incline of the street but if I want Timberman enough, I'll make tonight's dreadmill workout HAPPEN! Of course, I could have gotten up early and then I'd be done already......I used to run 3.1 miles like it was nothing but these days, I am just struggling a bit. Sore back from shoveling out of the first snow storm (a week before Christmas), and just sore all over from CF WOD's but thankgod for the hottub at the gym!

Today's 5K Time: _______
Treadmill Incline: 1%

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  1. Marcy - I'm with you and the pure hatred of the treadmill and bike trainer - I'll go out in anything/any weather to avoid being inside!! Hang in there - You are not alone in feeling the pain of the boredom of being inside- It is horrible!! See you at the Crabman and Timberman

    Kathy Robbins
    Kathy Robbins