Thursday, January 14, 2010

Four One-Mile Repeats

NYSC has two new treadmills, called the Woodway which is supposed to be for "the long run". I was only doing my four one-mile repeats the other day but decided to use this new equipment anyways. It did have more give than the regular treadmills so I'll run on it a few times and see how I like it.

Results of Mile Repeats, resting 8 mins in between:

1st Mile: 0.5% Incline, 10:05 mins
2nd Mile: 1.0% Incline, 10:57 mins
3rd Mile: 1.0% Incline, 10:44 mins
4th Mile: 1.0% Incline: 11:06 mins

Incline kills!

I went skiing the yesterdat at Stratton in VT, the day after the mile repeats. We did lots of hard runs and my quads were screaming! My hips (especially left hip) was really sore after running, then skiiing, but feels 100% fine today, so that's good news.

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