Saturday, January 30, 2010


So I went to checkout the new facility at CrossFit Central CT on Newfield Street on the West Hartford/Hartford line. They have a nice new box there!

I walked in and asked if we could do Fran today and they looked at me like I was nuts :)

Row 500m
3 sets of:
mountain climbers
shoulder triplets
squat jumps


21-15-9 reps
35# thrusters & pushups*

Squatted down onto a medicine ball at the low point of the thrusters because we all know that friends don't let friends squat shallow! I have a really hard time getting back onto/pushing up through my heels and especially yesterday after running the 10% incline, my quads were super dominant and hammys were tight.

*I subbed pushups (knees) because my hands were a leaky, blistery mess after a kipping pullup lesson by Duffy & Deavon.

Off to a funeral mass now for a childhood friend who took her own life. She was a junior snowboarding olympian and the first female snowboard instructor at Ski Sundown back in the day. RIP Amy Rose.

Bike 60 min TT later to come!

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