Friday, January 8, 2010

Jan 8 WOD

4pm at NYSC - Blue Back Square - any other Team TriMax members workout here? Would be fun to CrossFit together and roll some heads!

Anyways, the workout was run .13 mi, rest for that time, run .25 mi, rest that time, run .5 mi, rest for that time and back down. 100% effort and 1% incline.

This was certainly not boring on the dreadmill (at least I scored one at the gym-the resolutioners take Friday off)! I rocked out to the "running" playlist on my 1st Gen iPod and with my lime green Pearl Izumi's, away I went! Everything felt great (right pirformis, too!) and I even tried to incorporate some gravity and CrossFit running technique. My MPH cranked up to 7.0 for a while and the workout/rest was over in 19:13.

I'm going to hammer out tomorrow's 12.4 mi bike tonight too, because I'm headed to the bike shop in the 'morn with a gift certificate from John and I'll probably need to leave her there. I've also decided today to sign up for the Hyannis 10K at the end of February. We're going to bring the dog and make a little weekend out of it. It's a little soon to be doing this distance, but what the heck! It's hard to find 10k races...why is that?


  1. If you're going to drive all the way to Hyannis shouldn't at least do the half? I will be there doing the marathon - looking forward to meeting you in person.

  2. The half is way too far for me at this point in my training Martin - yes, looking forward to meeting you, too!

  3. Glad you are going for it! I did the half last year but don't plan on being up there again this year. It's a nice course, you'll like it!