Thursday, January 7, 2010

Jan 6th Migraine

On Tuesday Jan 5th, I left the office early for the vet's office for meds for my lab's IBD. As I approached my exit (exit 43 WH Center) on I-84 there was a rollover accident right in front of me. I found myself sprinting down the slow lane in my high heels towards the overturned truck. We managed to help the lady out of the vehicle and I left the scene as EMS arrived. I continued onto the vet's office, then to run errands with my sister, and then finally to the gym without having proper nutrition.,0,1779952.story

For breakfast that day I had steelcut oats around 8:30am, lunch was a salad with eggs for protein and olive oil for dressing around 2pm. Not smart! I arrived at the gym with plans of completing the 5k run that I never did from a few days before and ALL 35 or so treadmills were in use by the New Year's Resolution crowd! So annoying!!! Being so proud of myself that I had my swimsuit in my bag, I hit the pool for the next day's planned 800 swim. I completed the swim with goggle issues and stopped a few times to fix the eyes. Again, very annoying and I need to solve this goggle issue so it doesn't become an excuse to stop. Since I wear contacts it is something I cannot ignore.

Yesterday I was totally out of commission with a nasty, nasty migraine and was in bed virtually ALL day. It was horrible. This migraine may have been precipitated by the severe stress of Tuesday's car accident, poor nutrition, and poor swim warm up. Recognizing these triggers is half of the battle, but I was very bummed to miss the kettlebell, rowing workout as that is my favorite!! Anyways, I will keep going forward and today will tackle the deadlift and tabata bike. Also nursing a very sore neck which I think is residual from the migraine and for being horizontal for so long yesterday.

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