Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ladies Goggle Review

I've had issues with leaky goggles since I was a kid.

I'm probably just a wuss, but whatever. I wear contacts and it's a real pain when turning your head to the side and a gush of chlorinated water rushes into your contact lense.

This femme-specific, small swim mask is it! There are no more excuses to stop and empty out the goggles. I recommend it highly.

Happy lap counting


  1. I too have issues with leaky goggles, thanks for the information - although not sure if I can get these goggles in Australia!

  2. I have been having issues with leaky goggles as well - I think it is because I lost weight. I've had luck with socket rockets and will probably go back to them. The swedish goggles get good reviews as well.

  3. I have tried several different brands including Aquasphere but have settled on a Barracuda, women specific (I think Naia). I also wear contacts and even lost one in a race one time - I swear by this brand and have recommended it to several guy swimmers who love them.